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Memory, narrative, truth, present.

 A time management field, standing as a way to redefine identity. Abstinence and refusal in the present, renegotiation in the past, an attempt to rephrase what has been said, a war that defined generations.

 My presence is formed through narratives, with which I identify. A female figure of maternal character and the agony to project it. The past becomes a refuge and the present turns stifling. It is the creation of, possibly, already existing realities, their reconstruction and my desire for those realities. The desire for the unknown, the pure, the sincere, that perhaps has never existed before.

 Ultimately, I am creating an imaginary reality, where the components are detached and then reconstituted as anachronistic events. A deliberate shift in time, through still alive memories or memories that arise through narratives. A quest for a position in other's memories and a will to coexist  with them.


Shadows : - 26  A4 pictures with 5 layers of tracing paper each one ,cuted on hand ,  a file of 26 photographs  from 1940 - 2013  in front of light

MEMORY PIECES :  an installation of 4 frames 70cm x 100cm  and a video loop of 4 portraits in

Reconstruction :  a video loop of 3 different images, images that they reconstructed from my family photo album "Is a research of my position in memories and a will to cohabit with them ".

IN A MEMORY : a video projection 2.52' , of the most clear memory of my grand-mother, trying to bring it back today

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