Christos Symeonides (1990) was born in Nicosia, Cyprus and lives in Athens, Greece. In 2008, he graduated from the Pancyprian Gymnasium of Nicosia, where he practiced on stage design for the national school theatre competitions under his teacher Mr.S. Antonopoulos. In 2010, he began his studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts, after occupying the second position in the entrance examinations of A.S.F.A. He studied under professors, M. Spiliopoulos and P. Chandris. He graduated in 2015 with the solo show - intra, and is currently based in Athens. His artistic practice is characterized by the use of multimedia and photography, and it mostly deals with matters of memory and identity. He has also studied at the stage design and costumes studio of the university, under professor L. Pezanou for 3 years. Since 2011, he has participated in several exhibitions and other art projects in Athens and has worked as a scenographer for small productions in various theatrical groups and movies.


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