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Artist's participation at the group exhibition CAMISA  during the Back to Athens 6  Festival  2018


Back to Athens 6 / 2018
June 1 – 10, 2018

If you think about it, yes you are right, under our clothes we are all naked.
The exhibition "CAMISA" is an opportunity to face fashion in a visual way.
Is there any connection between fashion and art?
Can one to exist without the other?
It is impossible to talk about fashion without mentioning garments. And while speaking of garments, we should not underestimate their influence in art. Art is the reflection of the society in which it was created, and the era in which it flourished. Art history reveals garments were used by artists to communicate messages to the viewer. Can we imagine the Van Dyke portraits without the epic, multi-layered fabrics and costumes that highlight the social position of the individuals displayed?
Fashion has always borrowed elements from other forms of art.
The source of inspiration can be anything, from textile patterns of ancient cultures to sculptures, even a musical phrase. On the basis of these ideas, designers recreate a new language in art through the clothes they design. CAMISA exhibition opens this perspective to artists who work with fabric, metallic elements, leather, and other materials, as opportunity involve participants from multidisciplinary art backgrounds. It is a challenge to create a costume, a jewel, a sculpture, a work that conveys a message without losing the form of the shirt.
As Wilde says - 'One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.

Participating artists: Eleanna Balesi, Katerina Christoforidis, Theodore Dushi, Dimitris Gketsis, Victoria Ioannidou, Maria Karathanou, Sophia Ladeni, Nikos Lamprinos, Nikos Marinis, Antria Prasinou, Myrto Sarma, Annetta Spanoudaki, Christos Symeonides, Pinelopi Triantafyllou, Panagiotis Tsiklis, Kelly Vardaka, Kostis Voulgaris, Yannis Zindrilis.

Curated by: GURAM Chachanidze

CAMISA exhibition is part of the Back to Athens 6 International Cultural Festival. Since 2012, Back to Athens Festival unites the city’s artistic scene in a public showcase of contemporary art and expression that boosts social awareness and restores the residents of Athens to the City Center. Back to Athens 6 is organized by CHEAPART in collaboration with the Athens Commercial Triangle Revitalization Program of the municipality of Athens, and Athens Intersection cultural program taking place from June 1 - June 10, 2018.

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Documentation video of artist's participation during the group exhibition CAMISA BACK TO ATHENS 6 FESTIVAL 2018

CONFINEMENT (self-portrait)

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