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(Green line-dead zone-borderline-No man’s land-third landscape)


  This project is a record of 30 specific points along the green line in Nicosia. Fixed monoplanes that were shot (1/5/2014-3/5/2014) at the Greek Cypriot free area, in the Turkish-occupied '' forbidden '' region, imported to a light (separately for each) of a pillbox as a possible viewing condition, simultaneously attempting a regeneration of an atmosphere of fear that prevails inside a shelter. It shows a particular route in the city where I was born and raised. A political comment against a situation that exists for (over) 40 years now. You move within permissible limits, fearing not to violate them, while trying to learn and see what happens in this deserted area. Military outposts along the way, remind you that your right to free access is up to that point. Move through those lines and be sure you'll be held at gunpoint .

  The Green Line, or as it is officially called the "interleaved line UN Cyprus’’', is the boundary between the free and the occupied by Turkey areas of the Cypriot Republic. Like the rest of the regions on the island, these also belong to the Cypriot Republic. It was created in December 30, 1963 after a Greek , Turkish and English political deal (pact)was signed when the first serious intercommunal riots (rebellions) were broken in the ,even then, newly formed Cyprus Republic . The purpose was to prevent the escalated tension between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. It was Called "Green Line" because general Yang, a British commander in Cyprus, drew it with a green pencil on the map. Back then, the line didn’t extend past the city of Nicosia and later on it expanded to the regions where there were Turkish Cypriot enclaves. The line's protection has been entrusted to the UN peacekeepers since March of 1964, which is when they arrived on the island,. It has expanded considerably since Turkey's invasion in Cyprus in 1974. This line now extends for up too 300 km and separates the southern from the northern part of the island, which has led to the creation of an unrecognized state.

  The Green Line is controlled by the United Nations (UN), who try to maintain stability in the region, also known as the Dead Zone and the ceasefire line. The Green Line splits Nicosia since 1964 , into two parts, making it the only divided capital in the world today. Since 2003 the so-called "government" of the Turkish Cypriots has decided to allow the passage to the occupied land, having opened so far five crossings. Entering requires a passport, something that led to many reactions, considering presentint a passport to the Turkish Cypriot "authorities" means a de facto recognition of their power.



video installation ''Still exist'',  6 synchronized  loop projections ( 50 cm x 70cm each pillbox)

still frames from the video 

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