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  “Délire fw1819” (nm. (=fièvre) delirium. (fig) (=frénésie) frenzy. un délire créatif a creative frenzy. (=fantaisie) wild idea Penetrating into a whimsical space, that contributed to the excess of human frailties, perishable limits and unfeasible, to conquer the physic mechanism. Stefanos Chrysafis presents his second collection titled “Délire” by creating utopian scenarios in a poisoned reality. A wild game with illogical or logical contents. The incoherence. Inspiration comes from the dialysis, the relaxation and the confusion of a fake life that in vigil is prisoned in the power of logic. The dreams. “Dugas: mental anarchy, emotional or spiritual, it’s the game of the abandoned to ourselves operations, that exercised without purpose and control. While dreaming, the spirit is a dematerialized automatic.” Our hidden thoughts and the disguised accomplishment of our oppressed and repressed desires, as Freud said. The transportation to reality. The experiences. The passivity and the virtual reality. The paradox and the evasion. Atmospheres from the stop-motion Jan Svankmayer’s movie “Darkness – Light – Darkness”. The freedom of ourselves. A strong allegory of suffocating life and the war for emotional survival. The fighting of normality, regularity and the trite. The liberated recreation of imagination leading to the smashing of contrasts. The unusual thoughts are no more oppressed and the weak crisis of the atom converting to the stronger power.


fashion designer's Stefanos Chrysafis text


 opening  video of Stefanos Chrysafis' catwalk during the Athens Exclusive  Fashion Week and  photographer-art director of his new look-book 

 3 minutes video witch was the opening of Stefanos Chrysafis' catwalk for his new collection Delire FW1819 , presented in Athens Exclusive Fashion week- I was inspired from his new work- from dreams- from phobias


photographer/art direction: CHRISTOS SYMEONIDES
jewelry art: FOTIOS BALAS
model: JENNY KOUK (thelegionmgt) 
makeup/hair: RENOS POLITIS
assistant photographer: MARIA SIORBA

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